Whig Rose Quilt (queen)

Whig Rose quilt (C423) Queen-98x112 brown/orange

The Whig Rose quilt is a lovely appliqued pattern with hours of hand-applique. Traditionally, the design was a showpiece of beautiful handiwork for a young bride's collection.

It is thought that the name "Whig Rose" replaced the original "Rose of Sharon" during the 1828 Presidential election when the Whig party hoped to defeat Democrat Andrew Jackson. The Whig party died out in the 1800s, but the quilt pattern lives on.

This quilt boasts about 400 yards of beautiful feather hand-quilting, all done by one Pennsylvania Amish woman to insure uniform stitches.

Quilt fits a queen-size bed.

Click on the photo thumbnail for a more detailed view.

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