Two Ways to Buy an Amish Quilt

Handmade amish quilts
Handmade amish quilts
Handmade amish quilts
Handmade amish quilts
Handmade amish quilts
Handmade amish quilts

Handmade Amish Quilts in PA

You want something on your bed that does more than cover. It must look attractive and have meaning. It must tell a story that will last for generations. All of our Amish Quilts & Crafts are handmade and many with fascinating and at times heart-wrenching stories behind them. When you buy from Family Farm Quilts you not only get a taste of rich Amish culture, you buy an heirloom with a story unique to each piece of our handcrafted products.

Visit Our Amish Quilt Store at Shady Maple in Lancaster, PA

Address: 129 Toddy Dr, East Earl, PA 17519 

Our store is in the gift shop in the basement of the Shady Maple Smorgasbord

Hours: 8-5 Mon-Sat

LOCAL Amish Handmade Crafts

Pride is shunned within the Amish culture, but hard work and honesty are highly valued. Around Lancaster County and other Amish communities nearby, there are hundreds of families who wish to work from home and keep their families together. Family Farm Quilts builds on that culture with Amish Quilts and Crafts produced locally. Every piece of art in our store has been produced by families or individuals working hard to support their own while keeping life as simple as possible.

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Our Commitment:

1. HANDMADE: All of our quilts and crafts are handmade. You will not find factory produced items in our store!
2. LOCAL: We sell ONLY Amish Quilts and Crafts made in the USA and most of them from within Pennsylvania.
3. CARE: We care for both our Amish Quilt and Craft suppliers and our customers.

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Our Core Values

Local Economy

All our the Amish Quilts and Crafts come from local people. John’s (the owner) mother has been in this business for decades. She gives Amish women–many who are quite poor–a chance to make some much needed cash through quilting. These women work long and hard to make these cherished heirlooms, often for months.

After the Amish women complete the quilts they are sold to us. There is no middle man; the AMISH QUILTS come directly from local people to our store. Quilting is a treasured heritage; we want to preserve it. We do not want to exploit it with unfair trade. Our purpose is to provide local jobs and preserve local culture.

Generational Heirlooms

Our products are made to last not only a lifetime but for generations. This is especially true with our quilts. These Amish Quilts can be passed down–with the proper care–to your children and grandchildren and beyond. We are motivated to see the next generation benefit from the current generation.

We are doing more than selling our products. We are here offer a story–the story of the amish tradition and culture. When you buy an Amish quilt or one of  our crafts you buy a piece of local culture that holds the value of generations and centuries. Plus it is a piece of tradition that is worth passing on to future generations.