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Quilting is an ancient art that has kept hearts and bodies warm for centuries. Traditional Amish Quilts are among the most treasured quilts for the home. Striking simplicity and fine handiwork make each Amish quilt a timeless masterpiece.

Handmade Amish Quilt

We offer a selection of handmade Amish quilts in a variety of patterns, from traditional to contemporary. The warmth and heart of the Amish lifestyle is worked into each handmade quilt we sell.

Read more about handmade Amish quilts available in king and queen sizes.

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Handmade art and beauty abound at our Amish Store. We offer dozens of other Amish crafts and handmade items.

Amish Cookbook Books, Cookbooks, Cards, & Prints Traditional Amish recipes dress a table for healthy bodies and hearty appetites.
Braided Rugs & Accessories Braided Rugs and Accessories Old fashioned braided rugs and other braided items are warm and durable.
Amish Themed Dolls Children's Items Children love to play with old fashioned and Amish themed dolls.
Home Decorations Home Decorations Amish or country style wall hangings, figurines, and other decorations add spirit and smile to the corners of a home.
Handmade Fabric Crafts Fabric Crafts Handmade fabric crafts are colorful, practical, and decorative.
Handmade Kitchen Items  Kitchen Items From elegant doily placemats to country style table runners, handmade kitchen items beautify the heart of the home.


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